Please submit one form for each person, unless you are adding a non walker for the Gathering Meal.

    Personal Information, to be completed by all applicants

    In the event of an emergency, it is important that the walk leader has all the necessary information about any medical information which could affect your treatment, care and the safety of the group. Any information provided will be treated in strict confidence. If more room is needed, please attach an extra sheet. It is vital that you tell us if at any time this information requires updating.

    Any illnesses e.g. diabetes, asthma? Add details

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    The Walks

    Please tick all the walks you wish to do - Early booking is advised!


    Registration Fee (£20)

    Please note that the registration fee is payable by anyone going on one or more walks. Friends and non-walking partners do not pay the registration fee if they are only coming to social evenings, Walk 12b (if this is their only walk) or the Gathering Meal.

    £10 has been added to all Wednesday walks for the cost of the Gathering Meal at Crathie Church Hall.

    Saturday 16th May 2020

    Welcome Reception (Free)

    Sunday 17th May 2020

    Walk 1 : East Glenshee Munros (£30)
    Walk 2 : Carn na Drochaide (£18)
    Walk 3 : Braemar Circular (£12)

    Monday 18th May 2020

    Walk 4 : Lochs Avon & Etchachan (£30)
    Walk 5 : Coyles of Muick (£18)
    Walk 6 : River Gairn (£12)

    Tuesday 19th May 2020

    Walk 7 : Broad Cairn (£30)
    Walk 8 : Glen Fearder (£18)
    Walk 9a : Tarland Way (£12)
    Walk 9b : Heritage / Archeology (£12)

    Wednesday 20th May 2020

    Walk 10 : Spittal to Crathie (£40)
    Walk 11 : Colonel in Chief's Trail (£28)
    Walk 12a : The Genechal (£22)
    Walk 12b : Around Crathie (£16)
    Gathering Meal (non walking partners & friends) (£12)

    Thursday 21st May 2020

    Walk 13 : Ben Macdui, Derry Cairngorm (£30)
    Walk 14 : Maim and Geallaig Hill (£18)
    Walk 15 : Muir of Dinnet (£12)

    Friday 22nd May 2020

    Walk 16 : Culardoch, Carn Liath (£30)
    Walk 17 : Craig Vallich (£18)
    Walk 18 : Mar Lodge to Keiloch (£12)

    Amount Payable


    I agree and understand that outdoor activities organised by Ballater (RD) Ltd carry an element of risk and I am willing to comply with all safety regulations and instructions given. I appreciate that all information I have provided regarding health issues will remain confidential and will only be kept short term by Ballater (RD) Ltd.