We are pleased that many of you are now thinking about joining us in 2017 and we have just finalised the program for the planned walks, however we ask that you give us a little more time in which to get the Brochure through the testing process and printer. The intended release date is the 19th December and like all good things in life we are sure the wait will be worth it.

To those walkers who came to the village earlier this year and joined in the Walk around Ballater week (a greatly reduced walking program managed by local walkers), can we thank you for your generosity made to the Charitable Chiels, who added your donation to their amazing Flood Fund. The fund has helped both businesses and families impacted by the flood as well as enabling them to support projects that will enhance the village in years to come, so thank you.

So I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to meeting both old and new friends in May 2017


John Burrows

Ballater Walking Festival