Saturday 20th May on the Victoria Green between 10am and 4pm Lizzies Tea Party - all monies spent and donated will go to IDDT Dream Trust, an overseas diabetes charity.

Same evening Registration at the Halls

Sunday 21st Camino Talk at the Golf Club

Monday 22nd The famous Ian Wisely Quiz at the Golf Club

Tuesday 23rd The Deeside Inn for Ian Murray's folk jamming session

Wednesday 24th Bar B Que at the Golf Club

Thursday 25th still to be agreed but possible talk on Whisky by Lochnagar Distillery

Friday 26th the Ceilidh at the Hall.

More details will be given in next few weeks


We are pleased that many of you are now thinking about joining us in 2017 and we have just finalised the program for the planned walks, however we ask that you give us a little more time in which to get the Brochure through the testing process and printer. The intended release date is the 19th December and like all good things in life we are sure the wait will be worth it.

To those walkers who came to the village earlier this year and joined in the Walk around Ballater week (a greatly reduced walking program managed by local walkers), can we thank you for your generosity made to the Charitable Chiels, who added your donation to their amazing Flood Fund. The fund has helped both businesses and families impacted by the flood as well as enabling them to support projects that will enhance the village in years to come, so thank you.

So I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to meeting both old and new friends in May 2017


John Burrows

Ballater Walking Festival

Positive and Important Update on 2016 Walking Festival

The full 2016 Ballater Walking Festival is cancelled but from the 22nd to 27th May 2016 a program of walks will be offered up to visitors to the village based on first come first served, and there will be no registration and no fee levied to people who join.
The program of the walks envisaged will be evaluated in the next few weeks to check on the terrain. The level of the walks will be medium  and easy, with one walk per day. This is in no way an attempt to replicate the Ballater Walking Festival but will allow regulars and some new followers to enjoy local walks and hopefully get a taste for future years.
The plan is for most of the daily walks to start and finish in the village but we may opt for a couple of days to offer some starts and finishes outside the immediate area, to enjoy a little variety. Taking the form of a “meet” these, would start and finish at a good car park to be identified, and obviously would also require some personal transport.
Walks from the village will start at 09:00 meeting at The Hut on the Green, Ballater.
Can walkers download and complete “PERSONAL INFORMATION” , which can be found in the 2016 Brochure on this website Pages 11 & 14 (obviously exclude the section that covers walks on page 11). Versions of this document will be circulated to local Hotels and B&Bs. This document will be collected prior to any walk undertaken. One form will suffice for all walks completed during the week.

Cancellation Of 2016 Ballater Walking Festival

It is with regret that due to the severe flooding in Ballater over the New Year, it has been decided to cancel the Walking Festival this May. 

The decision has been made early to ensure that our valued supporters have the time to find and make alternative arrangements.   We appreciate that your enjoyment of both our scenery and the Ballater community will be hard to replicate, but it is better that your memories of previous Walking Festivals are not tarnished by a less than exceptional experience this year.  
There are two main reasons why this decision has been taken.

  1. Firstly, over 200 houses were badly damaged in the flood meaning that our present housing stock is being used to rehouse those families.  Along with the damage to the Caravan Park, it means that accommodation in Ballater is very limited for the next few months.  
  2. Secondly, several bridges on the walks have been damaged and it is not certain whether those bridges will be repaired in time.  As you are aware, great care is taken to choose walks that provide a balanced set of walks ranging from easy to difficult which in turn lead to an outstanding festival.  At the current time it is not certain whether some walks will be accessible.  The Gordon Croll Memorial Walk is one such casualty due to the damage done to the recently refurbished Polhollick Bridge.

The option to postpone until later in the year was considered, but calendar clashes with other groups both in Ballater and the surrounding villages meant that it was not a viable option.  As a result, the painful decision to cancel the 2016 Walking Festival was taken but the silver lining is that with all the work already carried out by the group to put in place walks and entertainment for this year, we are ahead for our program for 2017 and hope to see you then.

For those of you who have already booked and made payments we will be taking steps to refund monies in January and contact will also be made through letter and email to explain our decision so that friends who do not use the website can be fully updated. For those of you who utilise the website we will be giving updates on the progress taking place in the village.   

There is immense pride in our little corner of Aberdeenshire and Ballater Walking Festival will return in 2017.  Apologies for the cancellation and hope to see you next year


What other things will be occuring during your stay?

I have heard today that for those of you who arrive on the Saturday 20th May that we will have Lizzie's Tea Party for Diabetics and it sounds like a great way to relax before the riggers of the week it will be staged on the Victoria Road Green from 10 am to 4pm next to Glenmuick Church and it access by donation with the monies raised going to IDDT Dream Trust, an overseas Diabetes Charity.

That same night we will have the registration Reception.

Sunday 21st May at the Golf Club a Talk with slides by Dick & Liz Fairweather on CAMINO

Monday 22nd May again at Golf Club the FAMOUS Ian Wisely Quiz requested by popular demand.

Tuesday 23rd May at the Deeside Inn with Ian Murray for those interested in folk jamming!

Wednesday 24th we have a Bar B Que at the Golf Club

Thursday 25th we are talking to Lochnagar Distillery to see if they will do a Whisky Talk.

Friday 26th we will close with a Ceilidh and say our farewells